The Regional Early Years Group

Our governance group is made up of senior representatives from each Local Authority in South Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Futures, Sheffield Hallam University’s Social Mobility Partnership:

  • Adam Leach, Senior Specialist Manager, South Yorkshire Futures
  • Aileen Chambers, Head of Service – Early Years and Childcare, Rotherham MBC
  • Alison Fleetwood, Early Years Partnership Manager, Doncaster Council
  • Debbie Squire, Programme Manager, South Yorkshire Futures
  • Greg Burke, Director of South Yorkshire Futures
  • Laura Hammerton, Early Start and Families Strategy and Service Manager, Barnsley MBC
  • Paula Williams, Service Leader – Early Years & Childcare Quality, Inclusion & Workforce Development, Rotherham MBC
  • Sally Pearse, Strategic Lead for Early Years, South Yorkshire Futures
  • Sam Tingle, Senior Early Years Consultant, Barnsley MBC
  • Stephanie Douglas, Head of Service for Early Years & Localities, Doncaster Council
  • Vicky Carr, Team Manager, Sheffield City Council

The South Yorkshire Early Outcomes Team

The development of South Yorkshire Talking Together / Tiny Talkers would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all those who have worked within the South Yorkshire Early Outcomes Team:

  • Members of the Regional Early Years Group +
  • Andrea Lancaster, Sheffield City Council
  • Anita Szrajber, Doncaster Council
  • Cheryl Orr, Doncaster Speech & Language Therapy
  • Claire Gilmore, Barnsley MBC
  • Claire Murgatroyd, Sheffield City Council
  • Denise Tunnicliffe, Sheffield City Council
  • Fiona Cann, SLT Consultant for Doncaster Council
  • Jacob Wightwick, Barnsley MBC
  • Jayne Atkinson, Sheffield City Council
  • Joanne Hager, Doncaster Council
  • Kate Dudley, Sheffield City Council
  • Kate Philp, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Lucy Marsh, Rotherham MBC
  • Matt Carnell, Sheffield City Council
  • Maureen Hemmingway, Sheffield City Council
  • Mel Atkin, Rotherham MBC
  • Michelle Fox, Sheffield City Council
  • Rebecca Whitehouse, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Richard Lazenby, Barnsley MBC
  • Sara Turner, Barnsley MBC
  • Sarah Churchill, EY Literacy Consultant for Doncaster Council
  • Shelley Petta, Doncaster Council
  • Susan Gregg, Rotherham MBC
  • Tina Slater, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Tom Barker, Test Creative
  • Tracey Rodgers, Early Years Consultant for Doncaster Council

The Children’s Workforce

This project would not have been possible without:

The 820+ professionals who took part in skills self-assessments to ensure our strategy is tailored to the needs of the region.

The 90+ professionals who took part in detailed interviews to give us their perspectives on the strengths and challenges for speech, language, and communication services.

The whole South Yorkshire children’s workforce, who are motivated by the chance to shape lives and make a positive difference for young children every day.