Places To Visit

There are lots of places in and around Doncaster which families can visit for a fun day out, including our local libraries, leisure centres and parks and outdoor spaces.

Family Hubs are another great place to visit, they run regular sessions for younger children but they can be accessed by families with children up to age 18 (or 25 with SEND). The Families Information Service website also has a range of activities in the local area which families can enjoy, including listings of Doncaster based parent and toddler groups.

Visit Doncaster, Yorkshire Attractions and Days out with Kids have lots of information on places you can visit in Doncaster (and beyond), which include fantastic tourist attractions such as Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Cast theatre.

Local farms and zoos

How can I support my child’s language and communication at farms and zoos?

  • Watch and observe the animals your child is interested in
  • Say the names of animals and talk about the sounds they make
  • Use simple describing words to talk about the animals, e.g. long neck, tall, tiny, etc.

Local parks and places to walk

How can I support my child’s language and communication outdoors?

  • Listen for different sounds together – e.g. cars, animals, birds, people
  • Simple I-spy games / scavenger hunts – take turns to find different items, e.g. a flower, tree, a bench
  • Playgrounds are great places for you to use action and position words, e.g. go, stop, up, down

Local libraries

Tel: 01302 734315

How can I support my child’s language and communication using books?

  • Choose books with fun, bright pictures, lift-the-flap books and pop-up books
  • You don’t have to read the words if your child is more interested in the pictures
  • Talk about the pictures together, using simple words and short phrases
  • Make interesting sounds, e.g. animal noises/transport noises

Local Museums

How can I support my child’s language and communication in museums?

  • Introduce new words to your child, as you look at new and exciting things together
  • Look for family-friendly areas in the museum, which may include games, costumes and role-play, all of which are great for talking about the new things you are exploring together
  • Support your child to tell someone else what they saw and did at the museum