Play and Say Programme

Sheffield speech and language therapists devised the play and say programme to promote speech and language development in young children.  With the aim to support parents and carers in how they can help their child’s speech and language development through having fun and playing together.

The programme has been developed for practitioners and is offered as part of a package of support, which is available to Early Years settings and Schools who offer two year FEL places.   The programme gives practitioners the opportunity to upskill and increase confidence in early identification and interventions to support children’s speech and language needs.

A Community Early Years practitioner (CEYP) will work with you to model the programme delivery and share resources which can then be used regularly with the children and families attending the setting.

The aims and benefits of the Play and Say programme are:

  • To support language development and identify any delays at the earliest opportunity.
  • To promote hands on language development strategies in everyday practices.
  • To support 2 year progress checks and integrated reviews.
  • Helps to build on parent partnership and support parents to implement strategies within the home.
  • Build confidence in identifying appropriate referrals to SALT
  • To raise awareness of further support such as SALT drop in clinics and the Talking Toddlers programme.

The support packages offers

  • Introduction meeting
  • Play and Say weekly delivery
    • The delivery of play and say takes place over 4 weeks.  The sessions focus on building vocabulary, listening and attention, turn taking and making choices.  This is achieved through the use of songs, visual aids and small group games.  Each session focusses on a different theme as outlined below –
    • Week 1- Nursery Rhymes
    • Week 2- Animals
    • Week 3- Body parts
    • Week 4- Actions

Each week you will be provided with a homework sheet to share with staff and parents, highlighting simple strategies to support communication and language.  On week 5 you will be left with a pack of resources to laminate to develop and support your own play and say programme.

  • Play and Say observation of practice and evaluation
  • Play and Say training/workshops
  • Moderation support

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